George Poulimenos was born in 1959 in Athens and his maternal origin is from Kato Panagia (modern-day Зiftlik, Turkey), a village of the Erythrean peninsula, opposite Chios island. He studied chemical engineering in Germany but chose to work as a software programmer/analyst. Among his interests are computing and the history of Smyrna/Izmir and environs, with emphasis given on old maps and commercial guides. He recently published the book ‘A Lexicon of Smyrneika’, a dictionary of the Smyrniot Greek dialect with definitions given in Greek, Turkish and English, along with George Galdies and Alex Baltazzi. In 2010, he participated at the 1st Levantine Symposium in Izmir, where he presented a paper on an unknown episode of the Greek resistance that took place during WWII at Chios and Izmir. He also participated at the events that the Hellenic Centre of London organized in 2012-13, in order to commemorate the heritage of Smyrna, where he presented the ‘Lexicon of Smyrneika’.