Meletis E. Meletopoulos was born in Athens in 1962. He has graduated from Athens College and pursued studies at the University of Geneva. He has received his PhD in Financial and Social Sciences with “summa cum laude” from the University of Geneva, and he also holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Athens. Since 1990 he serves as professor in Senior High School, teaching Economics and Sociology, and in 2015 he has been appointed Headmaster of the Ionian School. In addition, he teaches at the Greek Air Force War School, and he has taught at the Greek National School for Public Administration, at the Greek Police Academy, at the University of Geneva, and at the University of Crete. He served as editor of the political journal New Sociology for 25 years, and of the political journal New Politics for another 12 (Papazeses Publications). For many years he has been publishing articles in daily newspapers, mainly on International Politics.
He has written 8 scientific studies (in Greek), with multiple reprints, among which Royalty in Modern Greek History (Livanes, 1993), Dictatorship of the Colonels (Papazeses, 1996), On the Issue of Patriotism (Papazeses, 2010), Marxism and Troikism (Papazeses, 2015).