Alexander Moissis grew up in Greece, close to his father’s Romaniote Jewish and his mother’s Orthodox Christian family. After graduating from high school at Athens College, he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (ΜΙΤ) where he earned four degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Management Science. He then moved to California and to the Silicon Valley, where he has contributed to the success of several now well-known business software companies. In the interim, he also lived and worked for a while in Paris, France. He now resides in Portola Valley California, where he works in English, reads in French, and multiplies in Greek. Based on this background, if you seek to find one word or stereotype to characterize him (Greek? Jewish? American? Francophile? Technocrat?), you will find it difficult — this is something that he has in common with his great-grandmother’s uncle Nissim D. Levis.