Yiannis H. Papaioannou was born in Athens in 1943. Graduate architect of the National and Technical University of Athens, he holds a PhD at Section I (General Historyof Art) from the Faculty of Architecture of the same university.

He taught for 30 years at Vakalo School. Since 1975 he has published extensively on History of Art (monographs on N. Gyzi, G. Spyropoulos etc)

Thoughts and observations on human things are included in the books In Brevis (2008); From a distance (2015); The other version (2016), while he has also published three poetic collections:  A sunken convoy of boats (1972), Through the gate (1990) and Passage (2012), which received the prize of the Academy of Athens in 2013.

The 72 poems of the present collection further develop and enrich his personal notes on the necessity of being.