Takis Tloupas was born in Larissa. Son of a woodcarver, he learns the art by his father and continues to practice it until the german occupation. On the occasion of an excursion to Mount Olympus with a mountaineering club, he comes for the first time in contact with the art of photography. His favorite subjects, the life in the Thessaly plain, mountains of Pindus and mount Olympus.

After 1945 he decides to deal professionally with photography and opens a photographic studio in Larissa. For more than 50 consecutive years he captures characteristic views of postwar and contemporary Larisa and images from daily life, manners and customs of the people of Thessaly area. With his camera captures moments of life, movements of nomadic tribes (Vlachs, Sarakatsani) and local farmers in traditional jobs. He records professions that have lost in the fast pace of industrialization of the modern world. With his scooter travels all over Greece  photographing the most beautiful corners, from Pineios river and Lake Karla, to Skopelos and Crete. His love for nature leads him to mount Olympus where he captures the most inaccessible areas. Takis Tloupas had many individual exhibitions and with his works took part in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. There have been issued many photo albums, literary and historical books with his photographs. Special value acquires the album titled “The Greece of Takis Tloupas”, which includes representative photos from all sections that compose his work. Milestone in his career is the award in 1994, from by the Ministry of Culture, where together with other 50 personalities of Literature and Arts, honored for his contribution to cultural life. This valuable material of Takis Tloupas is archived and is available to anyone interested in photography Studio that has now Tloupas daughter Vania, who as a photographer continues the tradition in the art of photography.