Athens 1939 – Thessalonike 1995

Julia Vokotopoulou studied archaeology at the University of Athens, where she received a doctorate in 1976. From 1965 until her premature death she was Curator and then Ephor of Antiquities at Ioannina and Thessalonike. From 1982 onwards she was Director of the Thessalonike Archaeological Museum. She conducted many excavations in Epirus (mainly at Vitsa near Zagori) and Central Macedonia (Nea Michaniona, Sane, Mende, Poseidi, Polychrono and Nea Rhoda) and supervised the restoration of a large number of monuments (e.g. at Nikopolis, Ammotopos near Arta, Thessalonike and Olynthos). She set up the archaeological museums in Ioannina, Nikopolis and Arta, and organized exhibitions in Thessalonike Museum (including ‘Thessalonike from the Prehistoric Period to Christian Times’), as well as exhibitions concerning ancient Macedonia in Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Denmark, Cermany and elsewhere. Through her authority and her combative character, she helped to preserve the Archaic temple in the centre of Arta and a number of archaeological sites in Thessalonike. Her many publications deal mainly with the art, topography and inscriptions of ancient Macedonia and Epirus, and with ancient metalworking. The most important of them are: Guide to Ioannina Museum (1973); Bronze Corinthian Jugs. Contribution to the Study of Ancient Greek Bronze-casting (1975); Vitsa. The Cemeteries of a Molossian Township (1986), Academy of Athens award; The Grave Tumuli of Aeneia (1990).