Εvery picture tells a story. A touching photographic journey, captured in over 500 stereoscopic glass plates by the doctor and photographer Nissim Levis, a member of a prominent family in the Romaniote Jewish community of Ioannina. They were found by chance, in a corner of history and the city, in the possession of a street vendor who invited passersby to examine them by looking into a wooden box, for a fee — “one frank for the panorama, ladies and gentlemen!” A charming voyage in time that starts during the last fifteen years of Ottoman rule in Ioannina, with stops along the way for the city’s major historical events and for visits to some of the world’s most cosmopolitan locales of that period. Most of all, however, it is a small tribute to the memory of a group of individuals who would otherwise have been remembered only as simple rows on the Holocaust Museum’s list of victims.