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    Education was and continues to be a fundamental tenet of Jewish [Hebrew] culture. In the Talmud, there is only one exception to the rule that a new synagogue may only be built on the site of the ruins of a synagogue which had functioned but fallen into disrepair: a site where a school had already been erected. Such is the great importance given to the existence of a school and to the education which it provides. Greek Jews, a small, but important part of the Greek population, remain true to this deep-rooted tradition. In 2010 the Athens Jewish Community School in Psychiko celebrated 50 years of existence. According to the Bible, every Jubilee (50th) year slaves were freed and the land was returned to its former owners [Leviticus 25:8-13]. By analogy, after more than 50 years of the Jewish School this leaflet attempts to free memories and return them to the pupils, parents and teachers to keep as a precious memento.

    ‘Before building a Synagogue,
    First build a School’


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1960-2014. The Athens Jewish Community School at Psychiko celebrates 54 years.


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