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    This book is a completely up-to-date account of the archaeological and historical evidence which relates to this most important of places in the ancient world ―Delphi― which through the humanistic innovations attributed to Apollo and through the utterances of the Pythia, shaped to a large extent the values and history of the Greek world.

    Each of the three sites which make up this sanctuary (the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Sanctuary of Athena and the Gymnasium) is described together with its architectural development, as well as the Museum where the works of art on display can be directly related to the place where they were found. In this way a complete, unified picture of the sanctuary is presented. A separate chapter discusses the Pythian festival, the oracular procedure and interpretation of the Delphic rituals, in the attempt to explain the arcane phenomena of the oracle and the impressive influence the sanctuary had throughout the long course of ancient Greek history.

    Written in an intelligible but simple style, this volume incorporates the latest results of research into the sanctuary of Delphi and demonstrates, through the photographs, the immense work of conservation and presentation of the site which has been accomplished in the last few years.

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      Panos Valavanis (1954) is professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Athens, teaching and researching in the fields of Classical vase painting, topography of ancient Athens, Classical architecture, Greek athletics and ancient Greek technology. Recently he has been researching into the political parameters of the Olympic Games. He has participated in many excavations in Greece and has been involved in the publication of the finds. He is especially interested in the dissemination of  current research to the wider public.

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Delphi and its Museum

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