• Our story

Our story

It’s the yearning of the eye and the mind to travel to worlds in different spots on the map and different points in time. It’s the electrifying moment when the fingertips touch the paper and its smell causes a pleasant dizziness. It’s the soft sound of a page turning, and the anticipation of what is about to be revealed. It’s the feeling when meeting new heroes, unknown civilizations, unexplored scientific paths.

The five senses that come together within a book is what fascinated and motivated us to start our creative journey. Today, after more than four decades, we continue to put our best efforts in every new publication in order to, once again, arouse the senses of readers who are familiar with our work.

Our long adventure in the world of books began in 1980, with the publication of “Magnesia, The Story of a Civilization.” It was preceded by studies at the Doxiades School introducing us to the art of publishing, as well as working close with masters in the area.

The passion and love we had put in our first publishing effort was immediately recognized; the newly established Kapon Editions won an Athens Academy Award; it was the harbinger for the eleven awards that followed.  

Significant collaborations with reputable bodies, institutions, and internationally acclaimed publishing houses, such as the Ministry of Culture, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Mondalori-Electra Publishers, have established us as one of the major Greek publishing houses, with expertise in books about archeology, art, history and environmental topics. 

Looking ahead and keeping in mind that the love for books begins during childhood, we have created a series dedicated to children. By combining the right information with attractive illustrations, and covering a large range of topics, we open the way for our young readers to explore the boundless world of books.

We believe in both the power of content and the appeal of images. We are masters in the art of creating books. We have the experience to satisfy the different requirements of every publishing project. We attend to each page and pay attention to every small detail. The love we put in when creating each book is what finally reaches our readers, who have been trusting the Kapon Publications for 43 years. And the journey goes on…



In 2010 Rachel Kapon received an award from the Academy of Athens for her artistic achievement overall in the sector of scholarly publications relating to the monuments of the Greek past, extolling her success in giving books on art and archaeology new form.