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    On the occasion of the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution of 1821, Athena Κaκouri offers us a concise narrative of the first three phases of the modern Greek state, relating them to today’s reality while highlighting several previously neglected aspects. By concentrating on major events, influential personalities, powers and international conjunctures, this Alphabet book will enable its reader to gain a clear and solid picture of the framework of a crucial period in Greek Modern History, from the Greek War of Independence through to Kapodistrias’ rule and Otto’s 30-year-old reign.  

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  • October 2021

      Athina Cacouri, greek writer of historical novels and history. Widely read, she has been awarded the highest greek distinctions for her work (Vrettakos Award, Sate Award,  Academy at Athens Award). “Primarolia” her novel about Patras at around 1900 has never stopped being a favourite since 1995 when it came out. Her recent study “Ta dio Beta” about the clash between prime Minister Venizelos and king Constantine A, has provoked vivid discussions. Her subject is always Greece, but set in an international context.


AN ALPHABET BOOK OF MODERN GREEK HISTORY Greek Revolution – Kapodistrias – Otto 1821–1862

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