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    This volume brings together five essays on the Holocaust denial: the attempt of a tiny group of fanatics, masquerading as scholars and researchers, to deny the existence of gas chambers and horrors of Hitler’s genocide policies.

    Vidal-Naquet emphatically dismisses the notion that ‘he is entering into a dialogue’ with the enemy: he disassembles the mechanisms of his lies, believing that this can be useful for future generations.

    The book is particularly illuminating on the role the American linguist Noam Chomsky has played as writer of a preface to one of the movement’s more influential tracts.

    Underlying Vidal-Naquet’s argument is the question: is it acceptable for people to spread evil ideas, or should they be suppressed?

    Now that revisionism is quietly gaining adherents and nazi parties have a worrying presence in Europe, this book is always up to date.

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  • November 2018
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