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    Photos by  Dionyssia Alexiadi

    Text by  Nikos Vatopoulos

    During a unique period of its recent history, Athens looked like a deserted city. We all share the fresh experience of the first lockdown, on March-April 2020. Those days, the photographer Dionyssia Alexiadi wandered downtown Athens; she had the opportunity to take pictures and capture the city’s “eerie” face. With her camera, she walked from Syntagma Square up to the Acropolis, from Thission up to Omonoia Square. Athens looked brilliant under the Attica light, but empty of residents, vehicles, and visitors. The city appeared like a movie set –a capital beyond recognition. Alexiadi’s photos can stand as a document. They extract unique images of wilderness and hand them over to the city’s urban story. Her personal “coup d’oeil” becomes a public heritage. Nikos Vatopoulos, author and journalist, enriches Alexiadi’s photos with short comments and remarks. Specializing in the modern history of Athens and its urban culture, Vatopoulos is the invisible fellow traveler, holding a low-voice Athenian dialogue.

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during the pandemic

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