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    The Bauhaus rose in 1919 from the ashes of World War I in the dramatic framework of the Weimar Republic, whose lifespan coincided with that of the school until Nazism’s dominance in 1933. In the fourteen tumultuous years of its existence – first in Weimar, later in Dessau, and finally in Berlin – the school had a formative impact on the twentieth century’s modern aesthetics and constitutes a seminal reference point to date; it is the most ‘classical’ reference of modern tradition. The Bauhaus, however, was not just a school of thought for industrial design and production and the shaping of a timeless ‘mechanical style’. It was also a multiplicity of experiences of a broader world-view and the importance of politics in shaping a new unity in the social field, that is, the invention of a new humanism.

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Bauhaus and Greece

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