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    How is historical reality reflected on something as small as a stamp?

    Images and maps with strong symbolism on a “cheap” item travel the world carrying national messages…

    These are the issues addressed by the new edition of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation Borders, Sovereignty, Stamps: Changes of Greek territory, 1830-1947, a work of Konstantinos Tsitselikis, Professor of International Law at the University of Macedonia.

    In terms of territorial sovereignty, Greece developed swiftly since 1830. This study examines these territorial changes as reflected through the stamps, and in accordance with the historical insidence, let this be violent or peaceful expansion, success or failure of territorial changes, alteration or annulment of the sovereignty of the Greek state by foreign occupation and domination, territorialization of political non-state power, occupation of foreign territory, Greek military presence abroad or friendly foreign military presence in Greece. In all cases, the stamps and the postmarks follow and express power changes that determine the land and the people.

    The edition is part of the Initiative 1821-2021.

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  • March 2021

Borders, Sovereignty, Stamps
Changes of Greek territory, 1830-1947

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