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    We first met Davitson Effendi Levis (1832-1913) through  his son’s pictures in the book “The Nissim Levis Panorama: 1898-1944,” which was recognized with an award by the Academy of Athens.
    Born in Ioannina, he was raised in a Greek-speaking, Romaniote, Jewish family at the outset of a period that brought with it rapid changes.
    His times allowed Davitson to pursue a successful career in the Ottoman public sector and to become involved in the state’s reforms during the second half of the 19th century. He represented Ioannina at the Ottoman Parliament and was a member of the Empire’s Court of Appeals. His contribution to public affairs in and beyond Ioannina was significant. He had the confidence of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and was awarded a medal by King George I of Greece.
    Nevertheless, the Ottoman administration’s reforms were followed by the Empire’s dismemberment. Davitson’s last years were marked by nationalist tensions between the Sultan’s subjects, until the entry of the Greek Army in Ioannina in 1913 changed drastically the life of the city’s Romaniote Jewish community.
    Through rare 19th century newspaper articles, archival material and previously unpublished photographs, we encounter the troubled times at the end of the Ottoman Empire in Ioannina through a different perspective: through the evolution of the city’s small but proud Romaniote Jewish community and of one of its distinguished members.
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  • October 2020

A Romaniote pasha in Yannina

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