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    For the first time, specific, detailed and incontrovertible facts are provided about a figure of the modern Greek history, who was loved and at the same time hated like no other, while almost everything written about her is based on rumors, without any reliable citation to sources: Queen Frederica of Greece. The 35 handwritten volumes of the “Diary of Queen Frederica”, which are kept at the General State Archives of Greece, cover with almost daily entries the greatest part of the public, as well as a part of the private life of Queen Frederica over a period spanning thirty years (1938-1967). Each entry in the diary is written by the ladies-in-waiting that accompanied the Queen on various occasions, and recorded each day’s events, in a spontaneous manner, including detailed descriptions and interesting events which highlight the multifaceted and strong personality of Frederica, and her interaction with the people. In many entries, it becomes obvious to the reader of the manuscript that these are recorded while traveling aboard swaying ships and on rapidly moving trains. The text of the Diary is supplemented by other documents kept at the General State Archives – correspondence with public services on matters usually concerning public welfare, speeches written by the Queen herself (the original drafts are preserved), as well as various letters also by her. This edition aims to make accessible a source of major historical importance, which will fill in a gap of modern historiography, and will form a basis for future scholarly research.

    The Diary is issued in three volumes: I 1938–1951, II 1952–1959, III 1960–1967, and is accompanied by two-hundred rare photographs. The introduction includes links to online available news reels, so that the reader may combine the diary entries with snapshots from the actual events described. 

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  • December 2019

      After concluding his thesis on Byzantine history at the Sorbonne, Costas M. Stamatopoulos has written a number of articles and studies on the Greek presence in Constantinople and Asia Minor. The following are also among his works (in Greek if not otherwise stated): Breakthroughs in the Throes of Modern Greece (Domos, 1988); Steps in the Heritage of Constantinople (Domos, 1989, augmented edition 1992); Constantinople, in Search of the Queen of Cities (with Akylas Millas, Bratzioti, 1990); A Lesson in Balkan History (Domos, 1995); The Final Glow: the Greeks of Constantinople in the Years 1948–1955 (Domos, 1996); Aegean Asia Minor (Asterismos, 1998); The Tatoi Chronicle (1800–2003), Vol. I and Vol. II (Kapon, 2004); The Monuments of Mt Penteli (Municipality of Vrilissia, 2007, in association with Alexia Altouvi); Istanbul through the Lens of Achilles Samantzis and Evgenios Dalezios (Allemandi, 2009); Journal of Prince Nicholas (1909–1912) (Fereniki, 2011); Tatoi. A Guided Tour through Time and Space (Kapon, 2011, 2015); Monarchy in Modern Greece (Kapon, 2015, the English and French editions appeared in 2017). The volumes Sinasos in Cappadocia (1996), to which he contributed a lengthy article on ‘Daily life in Sinasos in the early 20th century’, and Constantinople, in Search of the Queen of Cities have received awards from the Academy of Athens. To the volume The Building of the Parliament of the Hellenes (Parliament of the Hellenes, 2009) he contributed the chapters on ‘The Palace in the reign of George I (1863–1909)’ and ‘The slow twilight (1909–1922)’. Costas M. Stamatopoulos is vice-president of the Hellenic Environment and Culture Society.



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