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    The Decree of the Nation, passed on 10 October 1862, abolished the reign of King Otto but not the institution of the monarchy. On 6/18 March 1863, the Assembly of the Greeks in Athens, with the consent of the Great Powers and especially the contribution of Great Britain, unanimously pronounced Prince Christian Wilhelm Ferdinand Adolf Georg of Denmark, King of the Greeks under the name George I. The young monarch arrived in Greece on 17 October 1863 and disembarked at the port of Piraeus. A crowd of people gave him an enthusiastic welcome both at the dock and at the entrance to the city of Athens, in Thiseion. Two days after his arrival, he recited the oath, in Greek, to the members of the National Assembly: I solemnly swear, in the name of the indivisible Trinity, to protect the prevailing religion of the Greeks, to preserve and defend the independence, autonomy and integrity of the Greek State and to uphold its laws. George remained faithful to this oath throughout his reign. The period of his 50-year-long reign was characterized by simplicity, prudence, understanding, appeasement, and defense of the independence and integrity of the Greek State, which he never abandoned even in very difficult periods of internal turmoil. On 15 October 1867, he married the Russian-born Grand Duchess Olga, whom the Greek people came to love for her great sense of humanity.

    This study presents rich material from the collections of the National Historical Museum, which encompass unique documents related to King George I. Among them is King George I’s Testament, published for the first time, personal items, rich photographic material of historical interest, as well as the original plans of emblematic buildings in Denmark, such as the Danish royal family’s Bernstorff Summer Palace and the Dagmar Theater in the Copenhagen which inspired Ziller’s drawing of the Royal Theater in Athens.

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His course 1863–1913

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