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    What accompanies our lives? What consoles us? Our memories bring us to our inevitable timeless outcome –where all tangibles and intangibles become one, where time and space come together, where dreams become reality and reality becomes an incomprehensible dream. Sizes, ambiance, shadings, lightings, landscapes become our life-long loyal companions, comforting and supporting our lives. And our houses, these “pots of life”, become their own entities, our debaters and cohabitants, and form a two-way relationship which our memory tries to prolong as much as possible. Our houses contain our personal stories. Referring to the houses he has lived in, the author indirectly refers to his own life. Thus, this book can be read as an autobiography, as it goes back in time and connects with his ancestors. The author also pays tribute to people who have lighted his path and regards them with immense gratitude.

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  • September 2022


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