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    The essays included in this volume focus on the complex relationship between the Jewish question, Jews themselves, the Modern Greek Enlightenment and the Greek War of Independence of 1821. As a result of long-term archival research in Greece, France, Germany, Israel, and America, we came across unknown documents revealing important, yet so often forgotten, aspects of this era. That is the first step towards reconsidering the Jewish population’s role, action, and dynamics through a period of radical change, which extends from the pre-revolutionary years and the Revolution to the establishment of the Greek state and the following decades. Through central and οff-axis narratives, we discuss the multidimensional character of the Greek identity’s formation process. By doing so, we also illustrate the contribution of the Jews to the Revolution of 1821, highlighting this era’s visions and demonstrating the refutations that followed. In this perspective, our research subject transcends its concrete historical context, revealing its unexpected tοpicality.

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  • September 2022

Jews in the Era of Modern Greek Enlightenment and the 1821 Revolution

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