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    The book Ottoman Monuments in Greece: Heritages under negotiation approaches the Ottoman monuments of Greece as the heritage of a historical period that lends itself to multiple readings. This collective work brings together and array of studies, covering a wide range of disciplines, including history of art, archaeology, architecture, and urban studies. Through rich unpublished archival, photographic, and epigraphic material, the authors of this edited volume, enrich our knowledge of the emblematic Ottoman monuments of Greece cities and foreground unknown aspects of the architecture of rural Greece.

    In the pages of the book Ottoman Monuments in Greece: heritages under negotiation, the stories of places, buildings, and people from Ottoman era to present days come alive. These stories constitute a major contribution to the dialogue on the status and role of this special heritage for Modern Greece. The critical analyses featured in this edited volume renew and broaden the research conducted in the fields of Ottoman studies and cultural heritage.

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Heritages under negotiation

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