Poems self-deceptions, the weak, the loneliness of the poet and the salvation of words…

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    Seventy-one poems, seventy-one recordings of life, which touch every reader. The deposition of a well-known poetic voice that heightens sensitivity, awakens, provokes.

    A selection of comments on Rafts:

    Costas Georgousopoulos
    A personal statement on the major problems of our time. George Douatzis is the poet of public angst. In Rafts he has put his finger exactly on this raft of life. And this is very interesting; it is the life raft which is at once a plan and a way for us to be saved, a lifebelt of life. Douatzis supplies us with such lifebelts today.

    Apostolos Benatsis
    George Douatzis’s Rafts are the climax of his poetic creation. A multi-level work in which a discourse at once revealing and liberating dominates. The poet knows how to transform the harshness of our time into literary reality. He offers us the means of passing into the wonderful world of poetry, which contains the element of reversal and re-synthesis, and all these through the eyes of a perpetual youth who falls in love, rebels and envisions all at the same time.

    George Ikaros Bambasakis
    Poems that are missing in our life today and that could be read aloud in the streets. Running through Rafts is an austere discourse, a spare lyricism. Realism is a basic element, but there exists too a subversion of it by a strange and obtuse surrealism, something that George Douatzis works on delicately and executes like an embroidery.
    He practises poetry in a particular way, counter to the almost conspiratorial effort of many poets to write for one another and to be read by one another.

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Poems self-deceptions, the weak, the loneliness of the poet and the salvation of words…

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