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    Illustrated by HÉLÈNE DRUVERT

    Translated from the French by Karina Lampsa

    An original aerial walk as exciting as it is documented, which allows the reader to recognize the clouds, to understand pollination or the day-night cycle, to contemplate the stars like migrating birds, to witness a tornado and an eclipse, without forget atmospheric and light pollution, but also “clean” energies, and to go even higher while gazing at the stars…

    Since Antiquity men look up to sky, are studying it and interpreting it, and dream of exploring it…Now is our turn!

    Travel through different strata of the atmosphere to discover the animals, the machines and the meteoroids that can be found there and the many meteorological phenomena that heckle our skies.

    An original journey that is as fascinating and documented as it is sumptuous that will allow the reader to recognize the different clouds, to understand pollination or the cycle of day and night, to watch the migrating birds, to witness a tornado and a polar aurora, but also to become aware of atmospheric and light pollution and of the consequences of human activity, and go even higher, while contemplating the stars.

    A unique book enlived by flaps, and die-cut scenes by the award-winning illustrator of the Ocean Hélène Druvert which are paired with the succinct and poetic writing of Juliette Einhorn.

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    Pages 48
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Explore the celestial dome through lively illustrations

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