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    Occasioned by a visit to the Acropolis and its Museum, an amazing journey to the ancient world and its secrets begins. A curious student overwhelms with his questions a veteran archaeologist and, together, they try to discover the hidden secrets of the monuments.    

    Their walk among the ancient buildings of the site and the Museum’s exhibits gives them the opportunity to discuss about the relationship between the ancient and the modern city, the historical phases and the adventures of the Acropolis, the emergence of Democracy, and the glorious battles fought during the Persian Wars. 

    In addition, they attempt to interpret the building programme of Pericles, converse with great historical figures, and meet known and unknown protagonists who conceived, designed and built the great monuments: From the inspired politicians, the ingenious architects and the pioneering artists, to the extraordinary craftsmen and indefatigable slaves. 

    Hence, the student and his teacher, aided by colourful images and reconstructions, enjoy a stroll through space and time, reviving the monuments and values of this glorious era, and connecting them with the challenges of our time.   

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      Panos Valavanis (1954) is professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Athens, teaching and researching in the fields of Classical vase painting, topography of ancient Athens, Classical architecture, Greek athletics and ancient Greek technology. Recently he has been researching into the political parameters of the Olympic Games. He has participated in many excavations in Greece and has been involved in the publication of the finds. He is especially interested in the dissemination of  current research to the wider public.


Where Man and the Gods Meet


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