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    Wishing to discover her family’s past, at a critical turning point in her life, the author, quite unaware of what she was going to meet, flings herself into an intricate search that will take her to unknown paths and it will bring her close to iconic historical figures. Reality exceeds imagination and proves that our world is one and undivided and this is how we ought to face him.

    The final part of the book constitutes a gallery of members of the same family that originated in Italy and afterwards moved to Greece during the 17th century. The narration is animated by tenderness and nostalgy for a world now lost.

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      Dona-Lilian Kapon descends from an old Greek-Jewish family. She has studied French and English literature, taught as professor for many years, and she was specialized in the translation of medical texts. She has served for a number of years as member of the board of the Jewish Community of Athens and as General Secretary of the Central Jewish Council of Greece. In 2018, she was honoured from the Greek Jewry for her multifaceted work and her support in the creation of the Holocaust Museum of Greece.


The Enigma
From Saint Thomas Becket to 21st century Athens

22,00 19,80

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