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    In February 1966, at the City Hall of Athens, the first public debate on a controversial urban issue took place, an unprecedented process for that era. Its theme was the concern over the future of the old city, the so-called Plaka.

    The two conflicting perspectives that had emerged –preservation and protection of the historic district or expropriation and demolition, so that excavations could be carried out– were uncompromising. Athenian intellectuals, urban planners, archaeologists, aesthetics, as well as the inhabitants of the area presented their different opinions.

    The acclaimed scholar on the urban development of Athens, Professor Alexandros Papageorgiou-Venetas, architect and urban planner, brings to light for the first time the extensive unpublished conference proceedings of that historical debate where he himself participated as a delegate, together with an introduction, comments and rare iconographic material. A forgotten confrontation and consultation are thus presented, that took place in a key moment of Plaka’s history, a decade before the successful rescue operation of the area, offering us an exploration of the identity but also unique entity of Athens.

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  • February 2022

      Αrchitect-urban planner and historian of urban planning. Born in Athens in 1933. He graduated from the National Technical University of Athens (1956). Postgraduate training in Urban Planning in Paris. PhD in Engineering at the Charlottenburg Technical University of Berlin (1972). Professor of the History of Urban Planning at the "Raymond Lemaire" postgraduate center of the University of Lebanon (1975–1985). Visiting professor at the Polytechnic Schools of Stuttgart (1981–1982), Munich (1996–1997) and Heidelberg (2003–2004). Member of the Council of Historical Landscapes and Cities of the Council of Europe (1974–1977). Expert of UNESCO and HABITAT Center for the preservation of historic cities. He has completed important urban-spatial planning studies for Chios (1968), the island complex of Mykonos, Delos and Rhenia (1973–1974) and the old town of Chania (1978). He is a specialized researcher in matters of protection and regeneration of historic cities. Internationally recognized as a scholar for the urban history of modern Athens. Honorary Doctor in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Athens (1998). Author of 34 monographs in Greek, French, English and German language, and of more than 105 articles focusing on the history of urban planning and the protection of the human and natural environment.


The narrative of a historical Controversy

18,02 16,22

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