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    The Queen’s Tower and Estate, located at Ilion, is a hidden gem of Attica. Officially declared as a Greek contemporary monument, Pyrgos opened to the public in 2012, after undergoing a multiyear restoration, the longest in its eventful history. This book fills in various historical gaps. It guides the reader through the first years of the creation of the independent Greek State, and the arrival of King Otto to Greece;  it also presents the multifaceted work of his wife, Amalia. The Queen’s aim was to create a model agricultural unit that would inspire the development of agriculture and livestock farming in Attica. Her vision came into existence in Ilion. During the years of her husband’s reign, Amalia devoted a lot of time to the creation of the Estate, or “Eptalofos” (Seven Hills) as she named it, and the Athens National Garden –thus, leaving her mark on green and garden-designing policies in Greece. Pyrgos is one of the best-preserved Gothic-style monuments in Greece. The authentic decoration in the inside of the building, as well as the gardens around it, impress the visitors. Eventually, a big part of the Estate became public property; the “Antonis Tritsis Park” was created in the adjoining area. Today, the Queen’s Tower Estate continues its tradition to produce excellent wines and remains open to visitors.

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Its past and today

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